Commercial Roof Repair

Commercial Roof Repair Cleveland Ohio

Does your building need roof repair?  Have your commercial roof repair done by the experts at ICool™Roofs.  commercial roof repair ICool™Roofs is a family and locally owned, licensed and insured roofing company.  We offer fast, affordable and even emergency roof repair.  ICool™Roofs is dedicated in providing all of Northeast Ohio with quality work at affordable prices.  We are experts with flat roof leaks, low slope roofing repair, and any other problems your commercial roofing may be facing.

Maintenance and repair is critical for the longevity of your commercial roof.   If repairs are not done right the first time, you could cost yourself hundreds to thousands of dollars on future repairs that should have been taken care of the first time. commercial roof repair cleveland ohioChoosing the right contractor to work on your building is a big decision. Let our expert commercial roof repair team at ICool™Roofs help you with this process.  ICool™Roofs offers free consultation with free estimates.  When it comes to commercial roof repair in Northeast Ohio, no one is better qualified than ICool™Roofs.

Signs of Needing Commercial Roof Repair

Many people are not aware that the roof of their building is in need of serious repair.  The long harsh winter months with snow and ice in Cleveland Ohio will cause wear and tear on the roof of your building.  Most people do not routinely check their roof for signs, let alone know what to look for.  There are many signs to watch for from the inside which will signal the need for roof repairs such as leaks and water stains on ceilings.  Leaks and water stains are things which could have been prevented with routine checks by expert roofing specialists.  Some signs which signal the need for commercial roof repair are:

  • Ponding Water
  • Flashing
  • Bubbles
  • Tears

Let ICool™Roofs inspect your roof to help prevent future costly repairs.

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