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Roof restoration and coating is an additional layer of protection placed on a finished roof. Functioning as a means of enhancing the roof’s ability to remain undamaged from rain, hail, wind and sunlight, the coating is usually in the form of a thin membrane that seals the materials used to create the roof, effectively establishing a barrier between the elements and the actual roof. When applied correctly, a roof restoration and coating can add years to the life of just about any type of roof.

One of the more practical aspects of applying a roof restoration and coating has to do with waterproofing the roof, including any sections where flashing is used as part of the roof design. The application of this additional layer helps to bind roof flashing to the asphalt, shingles, or metal panels that are used for the roof. Not only does the coating help make the roof less susceptible to leaks, it also means less opportunity for continued exposure to rain and humidity to hasten the deterioration of the materials used to build the roof.

Along with the waterproofing qualities, roof coating may be utilized as a way to enhance the ability of the roof to deal with exposure to sunlight. The coating slows down damage to the roof by absorbing most of the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays. Since applying a new coating is significantly less expensive and time consuming than installing a new roof, many homeowners choose to make use of this type of protection. The use of roof coating can sometimes as much as double the life of the roof.

Most roof restoration and coating products have the ability to expand and retract along with roof materials as weather conditions change. This helps to keep the coating intact and completely adhered to the roof itself and prevent a rupture in the protective membrane.

The application process for roof restoration and coating can involve painting on the solution with a paintbrush, a spray gun or a roller. Many manufacturers of coating products recommend the use of a spray gun in order to achieve a more uniform coating. In terms of thickness, the number of layers or coats added to the roof will depend on the type of roofing involved and the usual weather conditions in the area.

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